We are a team of freelance journalists who lived in different regions of Russia until February 24, 2022. Some of us stayed in our homeland to see what was happening with our own eyes. Others have left and are experiencing fewer restrictions. But we all continue to follow the life of the province – it was rich in dramatic stories before, and even more so now.

The situation in the Russian media has become more complicated – although it would seem that it is even more complicated! There are fewer editorial offices to which we can offer our materials.

So we decided to open our own media – the one you are reading now. Here we will tell you how life is changing in Russia’s regions. We will welcome both new authors and stories from readers who also have stories to tell.

Minimal complications, only fascinating stories from which you can draw your own conclusions about how unambiguous everything is – that’s what New Tab is all about. At the same time, we remain freelance journalists and continue to publish our materials in other media. Sometimes one text is published both in our company and in another media outlet at the same time.

We expect that editorial offices will turn to us for long stories, and some of us will do them – including authors from Russia.

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The New Tab team

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